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Think Facebook is just a place to like your friend’s selfies, stalk your acquaintances, and play time wasting games? Think again! You can use Facebook for business and to help promote your technology business. Just about everyone has and uses Facebook these days, your target market is likely hanging out on the news feed somewhere!

Here are 11 ways Facebook can be used as an effective business tool:

  1. Create a business Facebook page if you don’t already have one. You shouldn’t use your personal profile or a personal profile as your business page. Read the rules regarding using Facebook for business and follow them.
  2. Set up a Facebook vanity URL to make it as easy as possible for people to find your Facebook page.
  3. Connect your business blog to your Facebook page. If you use Twitter, you might also consider having your “tweets” automatically post to your Facebook page, as well.
  4. Only post photographs that contribute to your brand image on your business page. Keep your personal photographs separate. You can change the privacy settings of everything you post in your Facebook settings. Create separate contact lists from friends, family, work contacts, and others so you can decide what to share with each group.
  5. Post your website URL and any newsletter subscription information in the “about” section of your Facebook page so people have other ways to connect with your business outside of Facebook.
  6. Add your Facebook page URL to your email signature, business cards, and any other marketing you do so people can find you the next time they are using Facebook.
  7. Post business related information and updates to your Facebook page. You probably don’t need to tell everyone what you had for lunch, but announcing business related activities is a good idea. Things like “Meeting with Company XYZ to Discuss their IT Support Needs” is ideal. Remember to interact with people who comment on your posts – Facebook is not a one-way communication tool!
  8. Post special offers and discounts for people who follow your Facebook page.
  9. Ask your page followers to like and share posts or photos to help you gain new followers and expand your networking capabilities.
  10. Consider using Facebook ads to target specific markets for your products and services.
  11. Use Facebook events to invite people and promote any events (Webinars, Lunch & Learn’s, conferences, etc) you are having at your organization or that you are sponsoring.
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