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One of the benefits of transitioning to the cloud for small businesses is the ability to save money. Cloud computing increases your efficiency and helps you get more done with a smaller budget – giving you time to focus on what you really need to concentrate on: growing your business! Here are 4 ways small businesses save money with the cloud:

  1. Lower Energy Consumption

When you transition to the cloud, you use less electricity in your office. You utilize your hardware to maximum capacity and only use what you need, eliminating wasteful energy consumption. If you have your own data center, you spend far more for energy than you will pay a cloud service provider.

  1. Low or No Capital Expenditures

Having your own servers requires an up-front capital expense for equipment, set up, and then ongoing maintenance. Every time you need to grow your business or require more space, you have additional expenses. When you’re in the cloud, the cost of the capital investment is the cloud-provider’s problem. You simply pay for what you use.

  1. Reliable Continuity Without Paying for Double

If you don’t use the cloud, you end up buying more hardware than you need so you can duplicate everything and back it up in case of equipment failure or disaster. It’s an expensive way to create a business continuity plan. With the cloud, you can automatically backup your data to multiple locations and ensure business continuity without having to pay for double the servers and equipment to make it happen.

4. Reduced Staff Expenses

If you take a look at your budget line by line, you will probably find your employee expenses are more than half of all of your expenses. Hiring quality IT support staff is expensive, and the cost of recruiting the right team members along with their salaries and benefits are probably more than you spend on software and hardware combined. Transitioning to the cloud means you can either keep fewer IT staff members dedicated to keeping your network running or redeploy them to helping your organization increase profitability.

Take advantage of the financial savings you can experience when you transition your business to the cloud. At the same time, you’ll increase efficiency, improve security and continuity, and even have more opportunity to grow your business and revenue.

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