• Architecture

    To compete, construction and contracting firms are turning to IT solutions to work smarter, faster and more economically.  Share your business objectives with us, and our team can return with technology recommendations specifically tailored to your company’s unique needs.  We are seeing organizations moving from manual processes to automation, implementing building information modeling (BIM) and 3D virtual reality, establishing disaster recovery protocols, and much more.

  • Legal, Financial & Professional Services

    If Cybersecurity is not the first words spoken to a new IT provider, it needs to be! All businesses need to focus on cybersecurity, it is however, an inherent necessity within the legal, accounting and professional services sector. When your reputation and professionalism is the core of your business, a breach of sensitive client data would be catastrophic and your business may not be able to recover, ever. We have a Security team that focuses solely on security for our clients.

    Of course, we also do all of the normal support services and are extensively familiar with all of the leading practice management systems that are commonly used and some that are not so common too! Our client base in this sector is very large, so our team are able to provide expert advice and support.

  • Manufacturing & Construction Services

    Designing, implementing and supporting environments that are reliable, scalable, secure and flexible, is what we do each and every day. Every business is different, even when they are in the same industry, understanding these unique requirements and building the IT systems to achieve the organization’s strategic and operational objectives is our Business as Usual. With a large team of technical staff with specializations across infrastructure, networking, virtualization, collaboration, user support and importantly security, interactive AV-IT is able to support your business effectively and efficiently.

  • Education

    It goes without saying that education is the cornerstone of a modern society and is a growing industry in itself. From the foundations of early childhood learning, through the important formative development years of primary and secondary schooling and the summative capstone of tertiary education, technology is an integral part of the education experience. Collaborative tools to enable effective team workspaces, student management systems, content delivery systems and ubiquitous access to learning material are just a few of the key requirements of all education organizations and we have solutions to help with implementation.