The data security equivalent of leaving your windows open

We all take great care to keep our homes secure.

Yet some business owners and managers don’t have the same attitude towards their business’s data security.

Which is crazy. Because there are a lot more people trying to access your business’s data, than hoping to steal your TV.

Here are the four main ways to improve your business’s data security.

You’d never dream of leaving your home for the day with all of the doors and windows wide open.

Yet this is what many business owners and managers do with their business’s IT.

It’s the data security equivalent of leaving the windows open. So, thieves can easily get in and steal data.

There are IT equivalents of alarms, security cameras, and secure locks to protect your data.

Such as making sure all the software and operating systems you use are always 100% up to date.

Using long randomly generated passwords, stored in a password manager.

Making sure that your network is secured. So, your team can only access files that are relevant to them.

And insisting everyone uses multi-factor authentication. This is where you generate a login code on another device to prove it’s really you.

You take your home security seriously. Let us help you be on top of your data security as well.

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